In more ways than one I’ve loved this rack since I got it for hauling materials and watercraft. But it came through in a way I never expected when I was T-boned by an (insert word) driving a large flatbed who ran a stop sign, flipping me (and my dog) 3 times down the road! I figure the rack became an additional roll bar and likely saved me and Pawa from a serious crushing. Unfortunately, my perfectly maintained 99 Tacoma is destroyed. The dog seems ok. But, I’ll be looking for another rack for my next truck… whenever that can happen. Thank you for building them so well!

- Rick

I'm sending you this personal testimonial because I believe you guys have the absolute best made truck rack on the market. Not only do they look sharp, they are simple and yet super strong! I have owned 2 of your racks and I am honest when I say I will never buy anything but a Rack-it truck rack. Thank you for your great product that helps me as a contractor transport ladders and material from job to job with complete satisfaction and confidence that your racks are sturdy and will not fail.
Last year I was working on a rough sawn / custom log structure in Salt Lake City, UT. We needed an additional log ASAP to complete the deck structure to stay on schedule for the trusses to be placed the following Monday. Delivery was not available in our time frame so I went to the mill and picked up this massive doug fire log with my Dodge Cummins truck equipped with your Rack-it 1000 series rack. The log was approximately 24' long, 24" in diameter at the base and weighed approximately 2500 lbs! There was absolutely no deflection or sag in any part of the Rack-it supports. I felt totally confident in making this haul because of the superior design and quality of construction in your rack. I couldn’t be happier with your product! Thank you.
- Brig
Brig, thank you for the kind words and sharing your story. While are happy to hear  Rack-it kept the job on schedule, 2500 pounds is a lot of weight for a rack. With “safety first” always in mind, we load rate our full-size racks up to 1700 pounds of cargo weight. Please use caution when loading, and evenly distribute materials. Thanks again, Brig!

Testimonials: I truly believe your camper shell rack saved my life. I bought my rack while living in California. I’ve been living in Oklahoma for about 4 years now, and about a week ago my truck lost traction on the ice and flipped over. I feel, as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol does also, that if not for the rack over the cab I would not be able to write this note to you, as the cab would have been crushed and I would be, well, dead. Thank you for such a great product.

- Dennis