Since 1986, our goal has been to deliver Racks as versatile as our customers; engineering the 3000 Series Camper Shell Steel Pipe Rack means Rack-it customers don’t have to choose between protected interior storage and strong, reliable hauling above via a Rack. Manufactured with American steel, it’s counted among the most rigid metals, providing reliable support for whatever you throw at it. The steel pipe construction is built in America, designed to naturally flex without cracking or breaking, even under the weightiest cargo.

Our 3000 Series Camper Shell Racks are designed to provide the best solution for users looking to combine their camper shell with a rugged, versatile Rack. Engineered to install around most standard flat-bottom shells, the unique interlocking Modular design delivers the same reliable strength you expect from a Rack-it, in a custom fit for the body lines of each truck to ensure a quiet, stable ride. Easily assembled and maneuvered during installation, as well as fully functional with the shell either on or off the truck, the 3000 Series offers maximum strength to haul recreational equipment, construction materials, and anything else you need to load and go.

We know performance is all in the details, so we’ve custom designed every Rack for Make, Model and Year-specific fitting. Whether you have a standard cab, extended or crew, short bed, long bed – we’ve designed a Rack for you.

  • The Rack was designed with beveled edges to guide the pipes together properly while the nuts are welded on the inside of the tube to eliminate alignment issues. When you insert the bolt it immediately meets up with the pre-placed nut, making assembly quick and easy like no other Rack, all while providing the same strength as a Modular system.
  • We use only robust Schedule 10 American Steel pipe construction with a .120 wall, the strongest and most durable material used in truck Rack manufacturing.
  • Double weld-in gussets at each cross bar and cab overhang provide maximum structural integrity, creating an even stronger frame resistant to snapping.
  • All camper racks come stock with full length flat bar bed rails that run the entire length of the bed, providing maximum structural support and helping to distribute weight evenly.
  • Each Rack is custom built for your specific truck’s Make, Model and Year and designed to the optimal length for your cab, allowing for optimal storage and reduction of wind noise. Our 3000 line is designed to install on trucks using flat-bottom shells.
  • Our Candy-Cane rounded endpoints protect your materials and make it easier to slide and load large gear or materials – all while adding style to the Rack.
  • The entire Modular Rack is packaged securely in a one box system which includes all the hardware required to assemble the Rack – and it can be shipped anywhere. The final assembled Rack creates a singular unit support cage over the shell and cab, providing support for supplies and protection in the event of an accident.
  • We’ve included a removable rear bar for versatility. Quick release ring pins make it easy to remove, so even taller loads won’t stand in your way if you choose to remove your shell. The bar is fully welded and is designed to safely support the rear structure of the two main tube rails.
  • We've built our Racks with hooks for ratchet tie-downs and ropes: the solid steel rope hook is fully welded to each of the steel uprights for ultimate strength in safely securing your load.

For California Customers
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to





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